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Think [ruminate, stew, ponder]
Outside [distinct from, beyond]
the Box [the fences, the pack, the usual]

We dance round in a ring and suppose, but the secret sits in the middle and knows.

Robert Frost

Where funny comes from

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A Users Guide: Political Debates

This is not about how to make a political speech. It is a guide for listening to one. Step One: Listen. American philosopher Henry David Thoreau once said, “It takes ...
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The Earth laughs in flowers

 A Ukrainian Memory…  The Ukrainians I have known are kind and warm-hearted people, yet they are unbreakable. Violence belongs to the weak. And only the strong can be gentle. This ...
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Ready, Set, Fail!

The Resolution Solution

The Resolution Solution? New Year’s resolutions? Give up now if you want to succeed. Fail first. Do it now! As a matter of fact, keep on failing. After all, you’ve ...
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E Pluribus Unum

IT’S ON EVERY U.S. PENNY, DIME, QUARTER, AND, DOLLAR. E Pluribus Unum. It’s there almost as if we mean it. Out of many, One. This has been the unofficial motto ...
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Politics and Brains On An Adrenalin Overdose

This one is not new, but it will probably never get old, so why not start out by ruffling a few feathers? Feelings have no IQ Thinking with your feelings ...
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The Third Side of the Story

Whichever side you’re on, you’re probably wrong! Every two-sided story has three sides. The third side is almost always ignored. In fact, most people don’t believe it exists. They would ...
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