Content Writing

Bringing 30 years of clinical, teaching and research experience in medicine and the natural sciences to creating the kind of communication you that will work for you.

Special focus areas include respiratory, cardiac, and sleep sciences, with additional concentrations in the physical sciences, Earth sciences, and astronomy.

A team of scientists and professionals will collaborate for you in literature research and analysis of ongoing studies and new discoveries, all to create the written content and documents you need.

(About the writer: Walter W. Pickut)

Other Special Content Available from Fresh Ink Writing:

Engaging copy builds your reputation, instills trust, and establishes your authority
in the marketplace of ideas and products.


Whether you need blog posts and website content (one-time or recurring), or you are planning a memoir, a biography, or any other, longer work of non-fiction, Fresh Ink Writing can provide the text for your project. We will collaborate as a co-author (“As-told-to” byline), or anonymously with the byline solely in your name. Blog and web content is delivered to your specifications for your use as needed. Book-length manuscripts will be prepared in standard format (The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition or later) for self-publication or through your agent or publicist.

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Consumer Case Studies

We will make the case for your finest products and services, helping you attract new customers and retain your most faithful clientele.

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Electronic Direct Mail Marketing—EDM

The success of your EDM lives or dies on an eye-catching first impression. The right words can turn a glance into read and then into a sale.

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Press Releases

Get attention by making it news. Create publicity and brand awareness beyond an ad. It's news!

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White papers, Backgrounders, and Problem-Solvers

Promoting your products and services through the lens of objective reporting, comparative studies, research findings, and case studies.

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In-house publications

Content for internal communication among colleagues, interactions between co-workers in neighboring disciplines or departments, information on company activities, policies, and changes.

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For a detailed price quote, describe your specific needs and outline the level of collaboration most appropriate for your work. Any work prepared for the client’s submission to trade or popular journals is written to meet the submission guidelines. No two projects are alike and each one deserves the most creative solution possible. We look forward to serving you and the people you serve.

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